Printers & Software

Create clear, professional labels, designs and tags with industrial grade printers, label makers and software that deliver reliable and on-demand solutions for any industry.

Below are the top thermal transfer benchtop  printers sold and supported by H.H. Barnum:

Brady PR Plus Printer
A heavy-duty industrial printer designed to last in industrial environments, the Brady PR Plus is ideal for quality and long-lasting printing on Heatex products, wire markers and polyester labels. Equipped with a protective metal cover, this durable printer also protects labeling materials in industrial environments.

Brady IP Printer
Brady’s IPprinter is a high performance label printing solution for a wide range of applications. Designed for easy operation, the IP features Smart Cell technology that identifies label material and automatically matches the ribbon for improved productivity and printing.

BBP33 Label Printer
The simple and convenient BBP33 Label Maker features automatic setup with no calibration, sensor adjustment or label waste, making material changeovers and operation hassle-free.

Labeling Software
A suite of labeling software from Brady provides a wide range of design features, giving you the power to create and print labels easily. Compatible with the Brady PR Plus, IP and BBP33 printers, labeling software options include Markware, LabelMark and CodeSoft.