Dedicated Technical Support

Experienced engineers make up our technical support team, providing assistance and insight on customer inquiries from sizing requirements to control applications and specific product concentrations. Depending on the type of application you use, one of our engineers will work with you to find an answer to your question or visit your facility in person to review your applications if necessary.

Below is a list of our support contacts and their respective areas of expertise. Contact us today to connect with a specialist!

Eric Smigielski
Engineering Manager
High Tech Product Specialist

Scott Tessier
Technical Specialist Manager

Joe Ayres
Product Specialist

Ryan Campanella
General Technical Specialist

Jason Coon
SMC & Magswitch Specialist

Roger Domka
SMC & Magswitch Specialist

Scott Gerweck
Magswitch Specialist

Greg Jarmusevich
General Technical Specialist

Chris Jones
Field Service Tech

Derek Reid
General Technical Specialist

Dan Sanow
General Technical Specialist, Cleveland Office

Randy Schaefer
Vision Application Specialist

Brian Seguin
Vision Application Specialist

Scott Seguin
General Technical Specialist