Detect Hard-to-Find Surface Imperfections with Green LED Lighting

Do you rely on parts inspection? Consider Going Green.

Why Green Lighting?

Visual inspection of parts can be significantly improved with colored LED lighting from Banner, which provides the bright, flicker-free illumination necessary for detecting blemishes and other imperfections before they get expensive.

Inspecting plastic or metal parts with green light provides superior contrast and detection of imperfections like fingerprint residue or scratches, helping prevent costly recalls and other hangups caused by inspection oversights.

One Barnum customer is successfully applying this method in the detection of oil in tail light assemblies. If left undetected and unaddressed, the residue can cause the metalized paint within each assembly to fish-eye, which can result in recalls and additional inspection measures that waste product and cut into profits.

For plants currently using fluorescent or white LED lighting to check for problems like this, green lighting can improve visibility and save the headaches and expenses that result from unidentified part imperfections.

Other Color Applications and Features

Need to illuminate a workstation or cell? Banner’s white and other-colored area lighting products are extremely bright and energy-efficient, providing reliable lighting in a variety of contexts. In fact, customers have chosen to replace all fluorescents in these areas because of the significantly improved visibility provided by LEDs. Many models are also equipped with a potentiometer for added versatility.

Or, use red or combine red and green for operator presence and machine status applications with longer-distance visibility or floor illumination.

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Reduce Procurement Costs and Management Time with Vendor Managed Inventory

A time- and cost-saving supply chain solution, H.H. Barnum Company’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service provides a simple way for our customers to maintain appropriate stock levels while optimizing procurement costs, consolidating billing, and better anticipating inventory needs.

With over 200 customers throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Canada currently leveraging this service, we have experience providing assistance with every aspect of VMI: replenishment, reconciliation and training.

VMI also provides benefits including:

  • Better inventory availability
  • Simplified and lower-cost procurement
  • As few as one purchase order and invoice per month
  • Customized usage reports and billing reports
  • No returns or dead inventory

Choose from three storage options:

  • Two-door cabinet with bins for products such as switches, cables, blocks and panel components
  • Six-drawer roll cart for small parts and accessories such as valves, fittings, and tags
  • Your own secured crib and cabinet or shelving system

vmi_cabinet_interior2     vmi-cabinet-interior-2    vmi_cabinet_newsletter

A recent transition to VMI by one of our customers enabled them to standardize ordering across four locations and reduce their item number count by almost 50 percent, making purchasing easier and saving money.

If you’ve experienced any of these inefficiencies, contact your sales representative directly, email us, or call us at 1-800-695-3055 to see how VMI can make your inventory management process work to your advantage.

Reducing Machine Downtime and Increasing Operator Productivity with Dual Color Lighting

In an environment where light signals are used continuously, operator inefficiencies and related downtime can add up quickly. You can significantly improve the productivity of machine operators, drivers and other employees with the help of highly visible and versatile Banner WLS27 and WLS28-2 dual color strip lights.

Programmable in two colors and bright enough to be seen from a distance, these lights can be easily differentiated from stack lights, enabling quick recognition of common signals like red (do not enter, fault or fail) and green (Okay to enter, normal, pass), reducing the occurrence of downtime caused by miscommunication. The addition of this high-visibility indication system also illuminates floor space, improving upon traditional stack lights, which can become difficult to see if they are obstructed by tooling.

LED Dual Lighting Applications

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Beating Costly Die Crashes and Downtime with the Smart Flexibility of IO Link

If one thing rings true across most aspects of manufacturing, it’s that downtime and repairs can get expensive, and quickly. But after working with a team of technical and product experts at Barnum, one Michigan-based plant has implemented a proactive and straightforward solution to curb one of the industry’s biggest profit inhibitors.

With large machinery and extremely heavy dies operating at any given time, the potential for misaligned pins to break on impact presented an extremely expensive downtime risk at the plant, resulting at one point in half a million dollars in lost productivity and repairs. Our customer needed a solution that would not only help prevent this from happening, but also communicate to machine operators which pins within the die may be at risk for instigating a crash.

The result was a highly flexible, yet simple solution that could be packaged and applied to any machine, and as many dies as needed with the convenience of a one-time sensor configuration. By developing an HMI Master Box that could be programmed to communicate with all sensors installed on a die, our engineering team was able to create an easy and cost-effective way to both retroactively equip and design new dies with the technology. The decentralized nature of Balluff’s IO Link blocks were critical to the success of the design, as they are able to relay information from multiple dies using any one machine setup.

HMI Control Box Solution

Main Screen

Master Control Block

Master Control Block

The package is designed to be a ready-to-go, turnkey solution paired with base programming by our Barnum Technical Support Team.

Have you experienced a similar situation? Call us at 800-695-3055 or email our team today for more information on implementing this solution!

Choose from the Largest SMC Distributor Inventory in North America

Our goal is to help you put things in motion. Whether it’s a quick turnaround on components or assistance with customizing an assembly specifically for you, our technical support team has the experience and inventory to get it done.

H.H. Barnum Company keeps thousands of high-demand products in stock, including a vast inventory of SMC pneumatic components. In order to deliver the best service possible, we try to keep a few things in mind:


The best kind of product is one that’s actually available to you.

We know your time is valuable, and try our best to anticipate and accommodate demand by keeping a wide range of inventory on hand—including over 6,000 SMC components—so you can get what you need without worrying about long lead times.


A great feature is only as effective as its implementation.

Not sure which product or assembly will best fit your application? Our experienced technical support team can work with you to determine the best solution.


Our specialization is customization.

Whether you have a specific drawing that needs execution or require assistance with design work, we provide both services at our main office in Brighton, Michigan. Our team works regularly with customization,  taking care of 100 custom orders per week on average.


Ordering and reordering, simplified.

Any custom assembly can be streamlined into one item number to simplify the ordering and reordering process for you. All you have to do is place any subsequent orders with a single number unique to you and we will take care of identifying and locating all of its components.

Call us at 800-695-3055 or email our team today to see what we can do to get your SMC application off the ground!

H.H. Barnum Company Wins Kuka Systems North America 2015 Supplier of the Year Award

For the second time, Kuka Systems North America awarded H.H. Barnum Company with their coveted supplier of the year award.

Kuka presented this award to John T. Jones and Mark Wolfe of H. H. Barnum Company during the 2016 Kuka Systems Supplier Appreciation event.

This year’s event was held at the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights. The award, which takes into account several aspects of a supplier’s performance ranging from on-time deliveries to consistent communication and involvement in Kuka’s community initiatives, is based on metrics gathered from top management and front-line employees:

  • Efficiency in using the Kuka Portal
  • Outstanding on-time delivery rating of 98.7%
  • Outstanding non-conformances rating of .2%
  • Quality of communication and sense of urgency
  • Ability to work with engineering staff and our suppliers to ensure technical performance
  • Exceptional outside and inside support teams
  • Cost-saving initiatives


2015 Supplier of the Year Award

2015 Supplier of the Year Award

Per Kuka, this performance data, along with supplier evaluations and “going above and beyond”, were key factors in determining H. H. Barnum Company as the Kuka Systems North America 2015 Supplier of the Year! This Supplier of the Year award is a great honor for us. We are very thankful as we continue our commitment to providing exceptional service and working to ensure customer business goals are approached with nothing less than our best efforts.

Banner LED Tower Lights Eliminate Assembly and Installation Hassles

Self-containing tower light indicators provide the versatility needed for customization without requiring assembly and setup.

  • Extremely low cost 
  • Time and money saved—no need for complex wiring
  • Quick-disconnect and pre-wired options for easy panel mounting
  • Multi-segment, highly visible designs available with audible indication
  • Built-to-order assemblies
  • Optimal function during high levels of light, noise or moisture (TL50 Beacon indicator)

Long Lasting, High-Visibility Illumination Without the High Energy Cost

For optimal performance in any environment, Barnum supplies a variety of Banner LED lighting options with features including:

  • Over 50,000 hours of continuous working life
  • Half the energy use of fluorescents
  • Compact and cascade housings
  • Quick-disconnect
  • Concentrated beam patterns
  • Oil, chemical and washdown resistance
  • Optional flex-arm mounts (some models)
  • Click here to learn more and watch the video!

For more information on Barnum Company’s full offering of lighting and indication products, visit our Lighting and Indication page at 

Visit or call 1-800-695-3055 for more information.

The Temperature is Rising, So Should Your Energy Savings.

Save up to 45% on Energy Consumption with Rittal Top Therm Climate Control.

When it’s late in the summer and a critical air conditioning system calls it quits, there’s often no time to waste replacing it. That’s why H.H. Barnum Company stocks energy-efficient Rittal climate control products and systems that can be shipped and installed on short notice.

  • Intelligent Eco Mode for optimum energy efficiency
  • Contaminant-repelling nanotechnology that keeps condenser coils clean longer
  • User-friendly digital display that makes programming simple and straightforward
  • Easy integration with an entire system including panel enclosures and power distributio Economical cooling options>
  • Top Therm filter fans with quick-fit technology snap into prepared mounting cutouts to dissipate high heat loads.

The best open-architecture Ethernet cable on the market stays resilient when you can’t afford to fail

Lumberg Automation’s patented bonded-pair cable design guarantees uniform spacing within each twisted pair, resulting in a consistent electrical performance and protection from noise in demanding environments and installations.

Bonded Pair

Non-Bonded Pair

Normally, stress applied to cables and assemblies will change the physical structure of a non-bonded pair cable, causing its electrical properties to degrade over time and under conditions in which the cable is reused during moves, adds and changes. The breakdown of a single cable can compromise an entire network and jeopardize performance, both costly problems to encounter.

Mission critical data centers, EMI-RFI environments and high-frequency applications where downtime is unacceptable can run reliably using the unparalleled technology in Lumberg Automation bonded pair cables. With a significant percentage of reported problems pointing to physical damage and cabling problems, choosing the most reliable and resilient Ethernet technology is critical to keeping your operation up and running when you can’t afford to fail.

Faults by Hardware and Protocol

Causes of Network Problems at OSI Layers

Source: Datacom, network Management Special
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