A time- and cost-reducing supply chain solution, H.H. Barnum Company’s Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service provides a simple way for customers to maintain appropriate stock levels while optimizing procurement costs.

In addition to simplifying procurement and management time, implementing a vendor managed inventory provides customers with customized billing and usage reports, which ultimately reduce purchase order and invoicing needs.

With over 200 customers throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Canada currently leveraging this service, our personnel have experience providing assistance with every aspect of VMI: replenishment, reconciliation and training.

A properly designed VMI program provides many benefits, including:

Better inventory availability
Reduced inventory costs
Reduced inventory management
Simplified and lower cost procurement
As few as one purchase order and invoice per month
Customized usage reports and billing reports
No returns or dead inventory

Choose from three options to store Vendor Managed Inventory at your facility:

Two-door cabinet with bins for products such as switches, cables, blocks and panel components
Six-drawer roll cart for small parts and accessories such as valves, fittings and tags
Your own secured crib and cabinet or shelving system

Please contact us to discuss how Barnum Company can design a Vendor Managed Inventory program that meets your requirements.Our Partners