Lumberg Automation’s patented bonded-pair cable design guarantees uniform spacing within each twisted pair, resulting in a consistent electrical performance and protection from noise in demanding environments and installations.

Bonded Pair

Non-Bonded Pair

Normally, stress applied to cables and assemblies will change the physical structure of a non-bonded pair cable, causing its electrical properties to degrade over time and under conditions in which the cable is reused during moves, adds and changes. The breakdown of a single cable can compromise an entire network and jeopardize performance, both costly problems to encounter.

Mission critical data centers, EMI-RFI environments and high-frequency applications where downtime is unacceptable can run reliably using the unparalleled technology in Lumberg Automation bonded pair cables. With a significant percentage of reported problems pointing to physical damage and cabling problems, choosing the most reliable and resilient Ethernet technology is critical to keeping your operation up and running when you can’t afford to fail.

Faults by Hardware and Protocol

Causes of Network Problems at OSI Layers

Source: Datacom, network Management Special
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